Helping organisations transform using technology to become data-driven

Helping organisations transform using technology to become data-driven Organisations collect more data than ever before but can’t realise the value of this data to unlock efficiency and feature gains. Much of this data remains locked in silos, difficult to access, challenging to manage and isn’t in a form to drive insight from analytics and machine learning.


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Enterprise Data + Enterprise AI

Our experienced team of specialist data engineers and data scientists create new data products that help organisations meet their data-driven goals. We can advise, design, create and run new data services using cloud scale that transform how your teams and customers consume your data assets.


Analytics and intelligence

We know how to make data the driving force of your organisation, by helping you collect, share and combine your data assets we give you back time to increase efficiency, productivity and innovation.


Data platforms and management

As experts in agile data delivery we turn your data into intelligence to unlock your full potential. Whether it be a rapid implementation or a bespoke integration. We will deliver.


Artificial intelligence

We deliver AI solutions to customers all over the world. Through our perfect blend of AI-driven techniques we give you the insight you need to extract the true value from your data.

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Machine learning

Help your organisation unlock a competitive advantage. From enhancing efficiency to elevating customer experiences, Informatics360 delivers machine learning projects to guide business decisions.

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When it comes to Smart cities, hospitals, and factories Informatics360 is the expert. We build real-world solutions to drive efficiency, engagement, and sustainability.

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Predictive Maintenance

We utilise real-time data to diagnose the condition of your equipment, assets, or systems. This data can help to prevent unplanned downtime by detecting anomalies this saving you time and money


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